Welcome to The RadioShack DIY Project Center. We want to know what great creations you've come up with using RadioShack parts. Our goal is to gather the coolest projects from our most creative customers and share them here. So, show us what you've got and submit your project now. Let the making begin.

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Proposal-DIY Mini model lights with LED

This is a proposal for an idea. I am close to completing the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise A m…

arc reactor

make a electronic glowing reactor with cool effects

bread board config for 4 fan unit setup

I have 4 fans that I want to be all connected to the the same power source, they as as follows 1:…

the platinum backpack

This backpack was design with custom led light in front and el wire all over the backpack to allow s…

Led sensor made for house frame

This is my led motion sensor made for house frame to allow you to see the frame in the dark without…

diy flashlight

to see in the dark

Boeing 737-800 Overhead Panel

This is a replica of the Boeing 737-800 NG overhead for Flight Simulator X. It connects to Flight Si…

FIX EC-333 for Data Recovery


Personal Car Show

I wanted to something awesome for my girlfriend while I was away, so I made her a showcase car that…

Walking Dead Lock Box

This is a device that I built for The Walking Dead; both software and hardware. The lock to the lock…
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Maker Monday: Dallas Makerspace

Each of the long work tables in the main...

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