Over the air omnidirectional hd tv andtena

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Thomasville, NC
This antena out performs most ready made tv antennas. It also can be in your attic or mounted on a external mast out of sight there is no need for motors since it's omnidirectional. Its simple to put together and with just a little fine tuning after a visit to antennaweb.com you can scroll through your local free hd channels without having to rotate your antenna manually or waiting on an antenna box to rotate. This works really Good for those who live in rural areas within 30-60 miles from stations towers. The complete project cost between 75-100$ or less. Even less for those that are replacing an old amtenna on a rotor.The video is not of the antenna I just don't have any pics or bids of it and radioshack wouldn't let me post it without a video.

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