"Halloween Great Create Challenge" SteamPunk Cyborg

Submitted by:
Muncie, IN
This is my SteamPunk Cyborg for the "Halloween Great Create Challenge" in beloved Shack themed Red and Black style, it is a fully customized costume built from scratch. Featuring 17 top quality Radioshack brand LED as accent lights of various variety, all set on different blinking or running light patterns, A Shack servo serves for the Shoulder Gun Mount, the costume is controlled by 8 shack toggles, switches momentary push buttons, and about a hundred feet of hidden shack wire all powered by Enercell (3D, 4 AA's and two 9v all in RadioShack battery holders.) The style is "SteamPunk" a Mix of a Rube Goldberg Dystopian future with the Victorian opulence and the flare of the past. One hand is an over sized robot hand and the other a more mechanical looking claw both fully functional and controlled discretely to keep the mechanical arm illusion. The Gauntlets on each arm conceal the controls for the shoulder cannon (fires foam darts up to 45 feet) and the various lights. Also the Costume features an armored spine, and back up battery pack that can be switched via a slide switch in a pocket if need be, laser targeting, a top hat and armor framed with the Shacks black wire concealing tube painted to look more fashionable. I had a blast building and testing this, I won my first Costume Contest ever on Saturday wearing this And I shot my friend Jacob Bartlet at lot with it ( guy in video) and I look forward to enjoying many more Halloween activity's in it. Couldn't have done it with out the support of my Muncie Indiana Radio Shack's and the helpful staff that works for them. Ryan Mast