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Pittsburgh, PA
My TechnoPumpkin, which is my entry for the Great Create Halloween Challenge, is made from the Ultimate Microcontroller Pack and a few other parts which I purchased at RadioShack. When you push the button which is mounted on the RadioShack Project Enclosure, it tells the Arduino UNO that it was pushed. The Arduino then plays a tune, that I programmed, on an 8-Ohm Speaker and flashes two orange LEDs which are positioned behind the eyes on the plastic pumpkin. It then shows the message "TAKE ONE... IF YOU DARE!" on the LCD Screen, which is on the front of the enclosure. Next, it shows an arrow pointing towards the bowl of candy. When you take a piece of candy, the small pumpkin, which is holding down the lever switch at the bottom, is released and sets off a buzzer for any unwanted "candy-snatchers". I am a big fan of RadioShack and go there almost every week. I love browsing through your endless online catalog and I go to the store, which is practically around the corner from my house, and pick up parts all of the time. Winning this contest would mean everything to me. The possibilities of what I could do with $250 from RadioShack would be infinite! Hope you like it! -TechnoWiz

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